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Resuming Spanish

Though I just started learning Korean, I started resuming Spanish last week.
I studied Spanish for about four months last year and improved up to a conversational level, but hadn’t studied at all since last summer.
I was going to resume it at the end of this month or in June, but I jumped to change my plan because it turned out that a friend from Barcelona was coming to Japan in June!

I couldn’t even remember how to say the time or the days of the week in Spanish at the beginning of last week; Half a year is long enough to forget many vocabularies and grammar rules.
However, it might not be so hard to recall them.
The first thing I did was to listen to some audio materials I used last year.
Since I listened them so many times at that time, they came back to my memory ย very naturally.
I found it a great idea to use the same materials if you liked it and have used it a lot!

It seems to take much less time than I estimated to catch up with the level where I was last year.
I already started using Spanish in conversation on language apps like HelloTalk and GoSpeaky.ย ๐Ÿ˜
If you speak Spanish or English and are on either app, why don’t we have a language exchange there? ๐Ÿ™‚

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