About me


Micarie, also known as “Micari”, is a language enthusiast who is into every field of linguistics and language learning.
Having grown up in a monolingual culture herself, she’s been fascinated by other kinds of languages, including Japanese dialects, since childhood.
She was the sort of kid who wondered why Japanese only had five vowels. lol.

HOMETOWN  Yokohama, Japan
LANGUAGES  Fluent in Japanese and  English;
Learning Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, and Korean (in progress!)
LIKES  Cats, cakes, watching figure skating.

Music: Renaissance to Baroque, Celtic music, Film music.

HATES  Directions(reading maps), ships and planes


Travel History


Beijing (Spring 1998): My first solo travel abroad. Visited a cousin studying Chinese at a local college.

Taiwan (Spring 2013)

India (March 2006): Visited India and experienced daily life with local people.

Singapore (February 2007)

Indonesia (May 2008)


Dublin (Summer 2001): Attended a summer English course at University College Dublin for 6 weeks.
Mayo (Summer 2004): Joined Irish local band with the violin. We had some live gigs and recordings in the west side of Ireland.
Experienced Irish jam session with local musicians

London and Oxford (Spring 2003)
Many places (Summer 2004): Travelled around the UK by train.
London, Cotswalds and Oxford (2011)

The Netherlands
Amsterdam and Haarlem (Summer 2009):  to attend friends’ wedding.
Many places (March 2011): Visited local elementary schools.
Groningen, Nijmegen and Utrecht (2011): to see universities.

Gent and Liege (April 2011)

France (Summer 2011)

Italy (Spring 2004): as a translator for job training for Japanese engineers

Spain (Spring 2015)

Germany (Spring 2015)


Saipan (1996)
Guam (1998)
Seattle (2014)
New York (Autumn 2007): for work.
Hawaii (Autumn 2012)


Cairns (February 2008)