Shinsengumi, Japan’s Last Samurais

If you are interested in samurais or Japanese history, you should know Shinsengumi, the last samurai corp! What is Shinsengumi? Shinsengumi (新選組, meaning “New Selected Group”) was a special police force during Japan’s Bakumatsu period (late 19th century). It was founded to maintain peace and order of Kyoto and to fight against the anti-Shogunate reformists. The founding… Continue reading Shinsengumi, Japan’s Last Samurais

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Hino Shinsengumi Festival 2017 (report)

The 20th Hino Shinsengumi Festival was fantastic! I went with a friend from the US and both of us really enjoyed it. ➡ What are Shinsengumi and Hino? Briefly, it was a festival featuring the “last samurais” called “Shinsengumi”, who lived late Edo period (late 19th century). There was a big parade and many performances such as… Continue reading Hino Shinsengumi Festival 2017 (report)

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Shinsengumi (Samurai) Festival in Tokyo

If you are interested either in samurais, Edo period or Japanese traditional culture, you can’t miss this event! Hino Shinsengumi Festival Held on: 13th and 14th of May, 2017 Place: Around Hino station (JR Chuo Line) and Takahata-fudo station (Keio Line) Time: 10 am – 5 pm (JST) There’ll be so many programs around these… Continue reading Shinsengumi (Samurai) Festival in Tokyo

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Let’s Walk & Talk in Tokyo / Kamakura! (Charity for Kumamoto)

I’ll be holding the following charity events for the Kumamoto earthquake victims. Your participation and/or share on SNSs would be greatly appreciated! International Charity Walk & Talk! Let’s enjoy a language and cultural exchange while walking, and send our prayers to Kumamoto! The aim is not hardcore exercise, so the pace will be leisurely. 😉 We’ll be… Continue reading Let’s Walk & Talk in Tokyo / Kamakura! (Charity for Kumamoto)