Useful Japanese Expressions for Language Learning Site/App: Level of Corrections

I think that the level of corrections should depend on the learner’s proficiency in the target language.
That’s why I correct only big grammatical mistakes for beginners, while I point out small differences in nuance and suggest alternative expressions for advanced learners.
However, there might be beginners who want to learn more or advanced learners who don’t like to get strict corrections, so I’m going to tell you how to explain, in Japanese, your preference concerning how strictly your entries are proofread.

If you don’t like strict, detail-oriented corrections…

1) しょしんしゃなので、やさしいてんさくをおねがいします。
(shoshinsha nanode, yasashii tensaku wo onegai shimasu.)
“I’m a beginner, so I’d like unstrict/easy-to-understand corrections.”

2) おてやわらかにおねがいします。
(oteyawaraka ni onegai shimasu.)
This means “Go easy on me” or “please don’t be hard/tough on me.”
This is a very useful expression.
You can also use it before you play a game or sport with someone.
It implies that you think s/he is a better player than you, so it can make you seem very humble.
This expression is very Japanese-like, so people might be surprised to hear it said by a beginner of the Japanese language. Haha.😉

3) If you’d like comments to be written in your native language, add this:
(comment wa ~go de onegai shimasu.)
“Please write your comment in ○○(the name of your native language here).”
If you’d like

If you want to improve your Japanese to the level of a native speaker…

1) 厳しく添削してください。
(きびしく てんさくしてください)
or 厳しい添削をお願いします。
(きびしい てんさくを おねがいします)
“I’d like strict corrections.”

2) より自然な日本語になるように添削してください。
(より しぜんな にほんごに なるように てんさくしてください)
“Please correct this entry to make it sound more natural.”

3) 文法的には合っていても不自然に聞こえる部分があったら、自然な日本語に直してください。
(ぶんぽうてきには あっていても ふしぜんに きこえるぶぶんが あったら、しぜんな にほんごに なおしてください)
“If you find any sentences that are grammatically correct but unnatural, please correct them to make them more natural.”


Did you find something that you’d like to use?
I hope this helps. 🙂


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