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Hino Shinsengumi Festival 2017 (report)

The 20th Hino Shinsengumi Festival was fantastic!
I went with a friend from the US and both of us really enjoyed it.

➡ What are Shinsengumi and Hino?

Briefly, it was a festival featuring the “last samurais” called “Shinsengumi”, who lived late Edo period (late 19th century).
There was a big parade and many performances such as martial arts, swordplay, comedy and dance.

The main members in the parade (the captains and some other important people of the time) were elected at the contest held on the first day of the festival every year.
⬇ This year’s Toshizo Hijikata, the vice commander of Shinsengumi, and the commander Kondo Isami.

⬇ Heisuke Todo, the captain of the 8th unit, and Obugyo (the man in black armour in the last photo), who conducted the parade.

⬇ My favourite member of the year was Sanosuke Harada, the captain of the 10th unit.
His appearance and performance were fantastic!!

⬇ Beautiful sword performances by Ideal.

⬆ With beautiful performers from Ideal.☺

⬇ Amazing performance by Ichinotachi.
This scene was very serious, but their play was so comedic and made the audience laugh a lot! 😆

⬆ With the main members of Ichinotachi. They came all the way from Niigata prefecture!

Even kids and animals were in Shinsengumi’s uniforms or in armours!


You can try these Shinsengumi styles at Shinsengumi’s Hometown Museum (available throughout the year).
➡ Official website

⬇ Kago experience carried by strong guys from Hino rugby team!😁
People in the past traveled on a kago like this (or probably a larger one with walls).
(Of course there were horse-drawn carriages, but they were only for very rich people.)


⬇ At the end of the parade. each group reported their return to the statue of Toshizo Hijikata at Takahata-fudo temple.

This temple is very beautiful and photogenic, so I recommend you visit there when you come to Hino city. 😊

Shinsengumi Contest 2017

You can watch the full movie of the contest here:

More photos and movies of the festival

For more photos and movies of the festival, check out “#ひの新選組まつり” on Twitter.

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